Argan oil: comparison
Pure oil, shower gels, masks, creams etc.

Author: Dr. Lisa Dinh
Date: 24.07.2020
Reading time: 4:58 min

Argan oil is currently the growing trend in anti-ageing products and more and more products today are enriched with argan oil.Its valuable ingredients such as antioxidants and phytoestrogens provide powerful benefits for our skin and connective tissue, and also for hair and the scalp.

It can be found in many cosmetic products such as mascara, make-up, care masks, shampoos, hair treatments, and conditioners. It is perfect for mild, nourishing cleaning and is therefore also added to make-up removers, shower gel or soap. The inclusion of the term "with argan oil" gives the impression of a very healthy, natural product and is often indicative of a higher price.

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However, you should not lose sight of the more realistic price: often the actual proportion of argan oil is not disclosed and may only be present in tiny amounts! The product can also contain harmful additives, so be sure to check the list of ingredients!

Shower gel with argan oil

Argan oil in shower gel helps dry, sensitive and irritated skin from drying out and maintaining its natural lipid coat. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and repairs injured skin tissue, which is important for rashes and skin diseases such as acne, neurodermatitis and psoriasis. However, the prerequisite is that the shower gel does not contain any harmful substances such as fragrances and preservatives. You may already have a medical shower gel that provides mild cleansing. It is quite possible to add argan oil yourself (start with 5 drops to 200 ml and increase as you like).

Body lotion with argan oil

After a shower or bath, part of our skin's natural lipid layer is washed off, but the skin is also well supplied with blood and particularly resilient. With a lipid-replenishing, moisturising lotion that also contains the valuable active ingredients of argan oil, we care for our skin particularly effectively.

If you already have a preferred body lotion, just add pure argan oil. Start with a small amount that still gives you room to increase. To find out if you like this mix, you can mix a single serving on the palm of your hand. Or just make your own lotion:

  • 50% almond or jojoba oil + 50% argan oil
  • 50% pure aloe vera gel + 50% argan oil and

Place the mixture in a clean glass jar with a screw lid and keep it in a cool place.

Makeup remover

Makeup can be easily removed with argan oil. Even waterproof makeup can be removed, without burning your eyes or creating an unpleasant film of oil on your eyes. On the contrary: your eyelids, eyelashes and the sensitive skin around the eyes actually benefit from the potent active ingredients of argan oil. You can also mix argan oil in equal parts with almond oil.

Argan oil mask

Tired, sagging skin on the face, neck and décolleté benefit from a mask with argan oil. You can buy this mask, or actually create it yourself with the following recipe: 1 egg yolk; 1 tbsp curd cheese; 1 teaspoon honey; 1 teaspoon argan oil. Mix the ingredients into a smooth mass and apply to your face, neck and décolleté. Avoid the eyes and mouth. When the mask dries, after about 20 - 30 minutes, wash everything off with a soft towel and lukewarm water. Then care for the skin with a day cream or a mixture of a few drops of argan oil.


If you use argan oil as a body lotion after showering or bathing, you will also benefit from the valuable active ingredients of argan oil on skin over the breast. There are also creams containing argan oil in pharmacies especially for the care of the breast tissue and cleavage. It rejuvenates and tones the tissue there due to its high antioxidant effects and at the same time is protective against breast cancer. Argan oil cream massages are recommended every morning and evening with circular, gentle movements of the fingers.


Argan oil repairs rough, cracked lips in minutes. For this reason, some lipsticks and balms contain argan oil. But you can also massage pure argan oil on your lips, or mix a very fatty cream with argan oil and apply it to your lips. The connective tissue of the lips also benefit from regular use and becomes firm and smooth.

Argan oil for the hands

Our hands are washed several times a day, come into contact with a wide variety of substances when working, and are exposed to cold and hot air. Consequently, our hands need care so that preventing them from drying and against the absorption of unnatural, harmful substances. When dealing with harmful materials, hands should be protected with gloves.

After washing, you should always attend to your hands with a greasy hand cream or lotion. Pure, argan oil is also ideal because it not only cares for the skin surface, but also penetrates into deeper layers. Simultaneously, it takes care of the nail bed and fingernails. The latter shimmer matt afterwards, are more elastic and break less easily. The best way to absorb the oil is to massage it into wet hands.

Argan oil for dogs and cats

Argan oil can also be used in dogs and cats for skin and coat care, as well as for the treatment of wounds, insect bites and dermatitis. It is better to treat the entire skin in stages. It is important that you work the oil into the skin and don’t allow it to get absorbed into the coat. Split the fur and apply the oil to the skin with a spray bottle or atomizer and massage the oil in with small circular movements of your fingertips. In dogs and horses that are regularly washed with shampoo, the argan oil can be added to the shampoo in small quantities. With regular use, the fur becomes dense and shiny. In cats, it is sufficient to treat mild wounds, ticks and insect bites locally to relieve the itching and prevent infections. Tick bites and moderate wounds should be seen to by a veterinarian.